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Every business or blog is different that’s why we design every website to fit your brand and make sure it’s suited to your specific needs. Our websites are beautiful but also functional! We focus on using simple but powerful techniques and a lot of creativity to give your site the attention it deserves. By being very meticulous we leave no room for error. You’ll be glad you decided to go with One Focus Designs.


We provide elegant and sophisticated websites to give your customer the best experience with your business. How can we do this at such a low price? We do this with a little work on your part. Email your logos, pictures, color preferences and suggestions for the design of your site. We will contact you and get started right away. The more materials you send us, the better.


Instead of trying to be good at everything we strive to be the best at one thing, and that’s web design. Doing this allow us to concentrate our efforts so that we can be more affordable, as well as provide stunningly beautiful websites. Having this one focus is key to our success and you’ll notice the difference in our work.

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